Preferred Customer Agreement

Benefit From Our Preventative Maintenance Plan

Sign a one-year preventative maintenance agreement with Wilson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc and increase your services and savings!

You'll get comprehensive maintenance services and benefits from us. A 20% discount on all repair parts and labor is also available.
Maintenance service

Get Top-Drawer Maintenance

As our preferred customer, you will be provided all the necessary labor and maintenance materials needed during a comprehensive maintenance program visit.
  • Check operating pressures of condensing unit
  • Check temperature rise across condenser coil
  • Check temperature drop across evaporator coil
  • Check compressor motor amperage
  • Check refrigerant in system
  • Check operation of controls
  • Adjust tension on all belts
  • Lubricate all required parts
  • Clean condensate line, drain, pan, and check float switch
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections
  • Wash condenser coil and cabinet
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check electric heat strips
  • Clean air handler cabinet
  • Check air flow
  • Clean evaporate coil
Maintenance service

Discounts On All Repair Parts And Labor

Wilson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc will provide you with a 20% discount on all repair parts and labor, and you will not be charged any recovery equipment, pump down, or torch fees.

As part of your preferential service, we will provide emergency service to you before non-agreement customers, and there will be no overtime charges for after-hour repairs, weekends, or holidays.

You will also receive a written report upon completion of any work, and we will keep a complete record of all our maintenance and repairs.

For more information and details, call 904-827-1216.
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